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Fancy that...

Hi everyone!

Here is your guide to making these tasty little amigurumi cakes. They are of course inspired by Mr Kipling's French Fancies and traditionally come in three flavours - strawberry, lemon and chocolate. 

You will need:

  • 3.5mm or 4mm hook.

  • 2 colours of DK yarn / 8 Ply

  • Poly Stuffing

  • Scissors

  • Darning Needle

  • 5 stitch markers (you can use scrap pieces of yarn too)

The pattern is written in UK terms.


Ch(x) - make a chain of (x) number.

dc - double crochet stitch.

slst - slip stitch.

(x)dcTog - double crochet (x) number stitches together

For this pattern, there are occasions when you will be working into the front or back loop only. Please see pictures at bottom of page.

To begin: Make a magic circle and insert 8dc. Close circle and join to 1st dc with slst.

Rnds 1 & 2: ch1, 8dc around, slst to join. (8)

Rnd 3: (all stitches into FRONT loop only): Ch1, [1dc, 3dc into next stitch] x4, slst to join. (16)

Place a stitch marker into the middle stitch of each group of three from Rnd3. The markers will indicate the corners of the cake, which you'll need for closing off at the bottom. Continue to transfer the markers to each new round as you go. The fifth marker can be used to indicate the first stitch of the round, to keep your place.

Rnd 4: Ch1, 1dc, 3dc in middle stitch of group of 3 from previous Rnd3, [3dc, 3dc in next stitch]x 3, 2dc join with slst. (24)

Rnd 5: (all stitches into BACK loop only): Ch1, dc around, slst to join.

Rnds 6-11: ch1, dc around, slst to join. (24)

Rnd 12: (all stitches into BACK loop only): C1, [3dcTog, 3dc]x4, sl st into 1st 3dcTog from round. (16)

Stuff the cake firmly.

Rnd 13: Ch1, slst into next stitch, [dc, 3dcTog] x4, join with slst into first dc. You can remove the corner markers as you go. (8)

Rnd14: Ch1 [2dcTog] x 4, slst into first 2dcTog to join (4)

Finally, the yarn leaving a tail of a few inches to sew the remaining 4 stitches closed. Use another colour of yarn to embroider the icing, using long sweeping stitches to give the effect of piped icing.

Please do share your finished fancies with me! If you use social media, please use the hashtag #crochetfancies and tag me @ailsacrochet so that I can see your finished cakes! Please do not hesitate to contact me either through the comments of this blog, or on my Instagram (@ailsacrochet). It would be my pleasure to help you with any questions you might have about the pattern.

Thank you! Ailsa x

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