Hello and welcome!

 I'm Ailsa and I'm a crocheter from just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. I spend most of my spare time crocheting, but I also like spending time in the great outdoors. I've got a real interest in history and all things mysterious and unknown. That's one of the reasons why I love to crochet - by taking the time to make things by hand, you feel an appreciation for what was achieved by our ancestors.

I began crocheting after I bought a little 'Make Your Own Crochet Bunny' kit from a pound shop in Stirling. I didn't realise how difficult crochet would be and it took me all night to figure out how to feed the yarn using my left hand.

I turned to YouTube for help and found some amazing tutorials on how to get started with crochet. With some spare yarn that I had at home, I wanted to make a granny square - it looked like a better place to start than the bunny. The next night, I successfully made my first granny square! and from that moment I was hooked. I just wanted to see that square grow and grow into a blanket. I gave the finished article to my dog, Harvey.

The 'Make Your Own Bunny' kit was never touched again because I was so inspired by what other crocheters had made and seeing what could possibly come off the end of a crochet hook.

Five years later, I've come a long way and I love challenging myself with more complex techniques and projects. I've recently ventured into writing patterns of my own, and designing mosaic and tapestry crochet projects. I started this blog to share my journey.

Thanks for being here!

Ailsa x